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Reply from Adriano on Feb 11 at 11:43 PM
I am unaware of any SAP recommended approach. But following are some points that I would consider:
1) Consolidation of customer master: remove the duplicate customers. Legacy administrators can run queries in their systems to identify the common customers by name, addresses etc. If the customer is same and the address differs you may consider assigning the different address as ship-to or bill-to or payer depending on the role it plays.
2) Consolidation of open items: Customer open items such as customer A/R should be consolidated as far as practicable. If the client has rebate processes, customer accruals also need to be consolidated.
3) If the business lines of acquired company do not differ significantly, you may not need different sales org. Remember if you create additional sales orgs., then it increases the scope of the project from testing perspective. It depends on the business and legality of the acquisation transaction.
4) There is potential use of multiple divisions from material master perspective. Each material should be assigned to a division during conversion.
5) Delivering plant field in the customer master needs close attention as plant assignment in sales order may be driven by customer master.
6) Pricing field in customer master also needs close attention as it can drive the pricing strategy in consolidated business.

There are many other issues that one can think of.

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Subject: SAP SD Process for Company Acquistions

Hello SAP Gurus,

My client has acquired a number of companies in the past. They now want to enter all these acquired companies data in the system and align with the existing Org structure (more focus on SD structure). The main focus is to capture the customer and product data using customer masters and material masters and their related contracts.

Does SAP suggest any standard business process to follow for acquisitions? Which organizational elements under SD module should be utilized to represent acquisition data?

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