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Posted by HarshaHalyal (Mr)
on Oct 29 at 3:17 PM
@ Typewriter
I am new to SAP and like this reference only given to me and I haven't worked on Inter-company billing. I am sorry if I am wrong and let me know further info about this.
Harsha Halyal

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1 )In the config of condition type PI01, in control data 2, the field "inter company condition " is ticked. What is the relevance of this field? I read the help but could not understand much.

2) Is the value of PI01 is used as a cost condition in the selling sales org pricing procedure (of the external customer) i.e instead of using VPRS as a cost condition, PI01 is used as a cost condition in external customer pricing procedure?

3) Do we need to defined copy control between F2 and IV. If yes, that means F2 needs to be created first and then IV invoice...... Why not Iv invoice can be created first and then F2 invoice ?


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