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We designed this way:

1) Added two condition types in pricing procedure to accrue the fund. These condition types were intended to debit the sales reduction account (GL1) and credit the accrual fund account (GL2). If a customer buys something, this condition will accumulate the funds.

2) Also added two manual discount condition types in pricing procedure to utilize this fund. Salesperson will enter the amount manually in these condition types. These condition types should reverse the GL2 entry made in step 1 above and post to A/R.

3) FI will supply an ABAP report (fund statement) to see how much each customer has balance in each fund. Based on that real-time report, sales person will enter the amount manually.

But we are ended up with account determination error. Please suggest.

Thank you.

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I encountered with the business scenario like this:

1) For buying products from the client, customers accrue Fund-1 at the rate of 5% and Fund-2 at the rate of 10%. So, after buying material X for $100, Fund-1 balance is $5 and Fund - 2 balance is $10 for customer Y. Customers can buy any materials and earn the fund.

2) Later, customers can place orders and use the fund to buy any materials they wish. So, in above scenario, customers can place orders for $12 worth of materials and use the Fund-1 fully ($5) and Fund-2 partially ($7) to pay for. Thus, Fund-1 is fully utilize and Fund-2 still has a positive balance of $3. Customer can request check for $3 to redeem the Fund-2 remaining balance.

3) Customers frequently make inquiries about the fund balances before placing the orders.

How to generate the accrual fund and expense the fund to buy materials later on?

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